About Us


Griffin Security Ltd. ( Part of the Griffin Group of Companies) is a Yemen-based, privately owned, international security and risk Management Company with offices in Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.
We have substantial experience and an extensive client-base, including international oil and gas companies, governments, international organizations and private corporate agencies.
We offer comprehensive asset protection and security service solutions protecting the investments and personnel of our clients. Our scope of service includes close protection, rapid response teams, area surveillance and patrolling, guarding, remote site security, security of industrial plants and installations, maritime security and consultancy.
We combine the highest level of expertise with in-depth knowledge of the local conditions. Our clients benefit from the extensive experience of our personnel, as well as from our strong practical operational experience. Griffin Security Ltd caters to the specific requirements of our clients and we implement solutions to complex security issues, often in challenging and remote locations.



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"Integrity. Confidentiality. Trust. - Reliable partners"

Griffin Security builds long-term partnerships with our clients that are based on mutual trust, discretion, integrity and reliability.
Remote locations and hardship environments have its particular challenges. We do not compromise on the quality management of our projects, standard of service and completion within timeline and budget. Our security experts have strong experience operating in remote locations, hardship regions, complex tribal areas and hostile environments and combine in-depth knowledge of the local conditions with international standards for project management and security practice.

We have successfully demonstrated the ability to implement and manage complex contracts. We recognise the importance of training activities and staff loyalty in our field of work. This is why our corporate social responsibility and human resources policies form an integral part of our quality standards assuring the performance of our services.
We implement an effective health and safety management system, which ensures that the impact of the company's activities on the health and safety and environment of its employees, customers, subcontractors and suppliers will be reduced to a minimum.


Our Personel


Griffin Security has put in place a rigorous screening and selection process. All candidates pass an evaluation exam, which tests the skills in the areas of physical fitness, security knowledge, tactical knowledge, driving, weapons handling, specific technical expertise and English language.
Griffin Security has the expertise in mobilising, coordinating and managing a multinational workforce and has been successful in timely execution of complex projects through optimal utilisation of resources.
Further, our security management has ample experience operating in complex tribal areas and high-threat areas and maintains close contact with tribal leaders and relevant authorities in various areas in Yemen. Our team has strong negotiation skills and combines in-depth local knowledge with international security practices.
The Griffin Security Organisation typically operates with different levels of skills and expertise:

• Director of Operations (expatriate)
• Security Managers (expatriate)
• Security Training Instructors (expatriate)
• Maritime security managers (expatriate)
• Maritime officers
• Analysts
• Administration officers (operations room and access control)
• Security Supervisors
• Interpreters (*)
• Close protection officers (VIP close protection)
• Armed escorts (close protection)
• Operators (for control rooms and CCTV surveillance)
• Senior guards
• Guards

Griffin Security currently deploys a total number of approximately 500 security personnel in its ongoing projects. Besides the standard procedures for examining the skills of the employee, all guards working for Griffin have to pass a security specific background check. This background check, depending on the deployment and job location, may entail background checks with political security, the police and the sheik of the tribe the employee is affiliated to. Especially in areas where tribal politics and tribal issues are potentially a subject of concern, "endorsements" and "written guarantees" for the behaviour and performance of individuals have proven to be a valuable tool in order to ensure loyalty and full compliance with company rules and regulations.
Griffin Security draws on a roster of already trained and skilled security officers with different skill-sets. The company ensures to assemble a strong team of skilled guards to perform the duties as per the specific requirements of each client.

* Use of mother tongue translators. Translators whose mother tongue is Arabic will be able to capture the essence of the language upon translating into other languages. It will not only be word for word translation which can lose the meaning of the sentence. The same team will always be with the client to ensure consistency.
All translators are trained in-house on the subject they are translating. Translators will be given in depth training on the field they are translating. They will be familiar with the expressions and jargons of the specific fields whether it is Legal, Mechanics, Engineering, etc. Translators can dress for any occasion when accompanying a client. We will have different dress codes for formal, semi-casual, or casual attire that our translators can refer to. Translators also understand the cultural climate and will assist the client in all cultural situations. Because of cultural differences and the way Yemenis express themselves, translators will step in to explain the different cultural remarks and behaviours to our clients and suggest appropriate responses to those situations.


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